We’ll cut the confusion out of refinancing your home loan

Refinancing can help you consolidate your debts, or it can save you money with a lower interest rate that gives you lower repayments and a shorter loan term. Refinancing can also give you access to cash from the equity you’ve built in your home, to use for renovations or other purposes.

At Sabre Financial, we have over 20 years of home loan and banking experience. You’ll get the best refinancing options with us as we’ve got the knowledge and the tools to help you.

Working closely with you, we’ll do all the legwork to cut the hassle out of refinancing your home loan. Tell us about the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of and we’ll find you the best refinancing options to get to your goals.


If you’ve been planning to update your home, and need the extra cash to pay for the renovations, you may be able to refinance your existing home loan. This means borrowing extra funds on your existing loan.

As the value of your home appreciates, your equity builds up. Your usable equity is the amount you may be able to borrow to pay for your renovations. Generally, you can borrow up to 80% of your home’s current value to use for renovation work.

As your home loan experts, we’re here to cut the confusion out of refinancing. Tell us your plans, and we’ll find the best refinancing options for your home renovations.

Debt consolidating

Paying off more than one debt can be confusing and stressful, with different due dates, different interest rates and terms. Consolidating your debt into a single loan can give you greater control over your cash flow and make it easier to stay on top of your repayments.

At Sabre Financial, we make loans simple. We’re loan specialists that have been working in the industry for over 20 years. During this time, we’ve built up the expertise and alliances so we can offer you the most suitable loan options for your needs.

Speak with our friendly team about how we can help you achieve the lifestyle you want by understanding what your most suitable loan options are in the current market. You may be able to consolidate your debt with your home loan at a lower interest rate, saving you money and the hassle of making multiple payments.

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