Commercial loans

Commercial Loans

We make commercial loans simple

Commercial loans are far more complex than home loans. But they don’t have to be frustrating. Trying to make sense of a long list of loan options and features? At Sabre Financial, we know you have better things to do. This is why we cut the confusion and make loans simple.

Packed with expertise.

Our powerhouse team is packed with loan expertise to get you to your goals.

With over 20 years of experience in the loan and banking industry, we work closely with you and your business to get you to your goals. Our process is simple and straightforward.
You may be looking to get a commercial loan for buying commercial property, to finance development or to finance business. Understanding your goals, we apply our knowledge and use the alliances we’ve built up. With a panel of over 70 lenders, you’ll get the best choice from a wide selection of loan options.

What you can use commercial loans for:

Buying commercial property

Buying a property to be used for business purposes, such as office space, warehouses, retail shops, farms, restaurants, motels etc.

Financing developments

You may be able to get a property development and construction loan if you’re planning on developing and constructing commercial properties.

Financing business

Whether it’s a great idea for a startup, a business you’d like to buy, capital to buy assets and equipment or to improve cashflow for an existing business.

How we work with local businesses

For over 20 years, we’ve helped many local small and medium-sized businesses get the loans they need to grow their business. As loan experts, our team have all the experience to save you time and get you the best commercial loan options.

Book a chat.

You can do this online or call us on the phone.

Meet with us.

We can come to you or you’re welcome to come to us. We’ll explain different loan options that best suit your needs.

Meet with your accountant.

If helpful, we may arrange to meet with your accountant. This is so we can fully understand your financial situation.


We’ll ask you for documents to prepare your application. This may include payslips, tax returns, bank statements, ID, purchase agreements or construction documents.

Preliminary assessment.

We’ll prepare a preliminary assessment to make sure we’re applying for a suitable loan that meets your requirements.

Loan application.

Having pre-approval gives you confidence that the lender will give you the loan you require and any loan conditions.

Unconditional approval.

You’ve now got formal approval from the lender, confirming you’ve met all the loan requirements.


This is where you accept the bank’s terms of the loan and make sure that all your requirements are met.


The funds from your loan have been released for its purpose; property purchase, refinance, consolidation, cash out, etc.

Speak to an expert loan specialist

At Sabre Financial, we cut the stress and confusion out of loans to help you reach your home goals. Our experience comes from over 20 years in the loan and banking business, so we have the knowledge and alliances to give you the best options for your needs.